Fitz Wong

Hi there, my name is Fitz and I'm a Web Architect from NationBuilder and a Web Designer from New York City.  I've spent the last few years working on projects and helping political campaigns and organizations send out their message.  I look forward in helping you achieve your goals with my web designs.  

Feel free to visit me at fitz.tech

Our Mission

Our mission is the ensure that everyone has a voice in our democracy, and one way to do that is with NationBuilder themes.  Providing a low cost and affordable web solution for your Nation is essential.  NationBuilder is the way for you to achieve your campaign goals and to provide your organization with the structure that no other service can provide.  Our goals are:

To provide compelling web designs for your vision.
Mobilize support from your base.
Motivate volunteers to get the word out.
Inspire supporters to give their time.
Provide a platform for your donations to thrive.
Rally the troops, and call them to action.
Help your organization assign tasks to supporters.